New wave theory could shake coastal defences

“When constructing coastal structures such as breakwaters, bunds or piers, accurate and specific location data on environmental factors, such as maximum wave height, are critical if the works are to be fit for purpose.” – IHS Dredging and Port Construction. 

After one year of wave measurements along the West-African coast, new insights in the relation between significant wave height (Hs) and maximum wave height (Hmax) were found. This article presented by geophysicist Martin Koelman of Deep and Michel Ruijter of MNR-engineering explains how our new analyses can determine and classify proper wave conditions. According to our finding the ratio Hs/Hmax could be different than what has been previously accepted for the West-African coast. The difference could have a major impact in the design of future coastal structures. Click here to read the full article in IHS Dredging and Port Construction.