Being Deep - Deep Hydrografie en Geofysica

Being Deep

Finding a job that fits you like a pearl in oyster can be difficult and challenging. It’s the one place you spend more time at than at home. Luckily, we’ve already found some amazing employees who’ve taking it to the next level and became a Deeper. Or as Mate would say: “Deep chose me, and I accepted it.”

Who is Deep?

Deep is an internationally operating engineering company specialized in hydrography, marine geophysics, and oceanography. The main goal is to provide Deep’s customers with high quality measurement data that gives a reliable insight into the subsea world. The areas Deep operates in include inshore waterways, harbors, coastal zones, and offshore areas. Deep provides remote surveys, robotization and automation. Just recently we presented our Uncrewed Surfaced Vessel. A new technology perfect for collecting offshore data. With this next big step Deep encourages working with more crewed vessels and less crew. This way of working offers more efficiency, accuracy, and suitability. Deep’s projects are divers and carried out worldwide. 

What makes Deep special? 

Besides the various projects, like the UXOsurveys, surveys to relocate lost ships and containers, it’s the not-very-formal atmosphere that makes Deep special. Jan, Chief Surveyor, agrees: “Because they [Deep], according to the website at the time, did something with boats and something with archaeology. One of those turned out to be true. And boats are nice. During my job interview the Operations Manager said that one manager (himself) was already too much management. No big corporate structure with ignorant busy-bodies shouting instructions down from an ivory tower.” If you’re ever in for a bicycle ride, trying out new beers (the office has a bar in-house) or want to make a forge; these Deepers got you covered. 

Having fun in the surveyworld

Florent started at Deep after he decided he wanted to change country and career. He chose Deep because of the appealing size of the company, where everyone (still) has a voice. Where the energy and proactivity get rewarded, in whatever way you achieve your goals. Or as Florent states: “I would say it’s a lot of fun, there are many opportunities for growth and there an exciting future to be experienced within this company.” He is excited to meet the newbies and have a coffee on the rooftop!

Why Robin, the Hydropraphic Surveyor, loves working at Deep? “The balance between hard work and fun is very good. And as I got told on the first day I walked in: “We don’t always take the jobs which earn us the most money, we also look out for fun and exciting survey works, even if we make less money of it.” Being Deep means being part of a fun tight knit group of professionals with a great drive for quality of work. But above all, to finish the job whilst always having fun. 

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