Deep have adopted a honey bee colony - Deep Hydrografie en Geofysica

Deep have adopted a honey bee colony

foto 3At our rooftop we now have a bee hyve with 4000 buckfastras bees!

Bees are not only important to humans but also for the entire ecosystems to function. Honey bees, wild bees and bumble bees pollinate the plants and ensure that they evolve and reproduce. Without bees we would not be able to eat nuts, fruit, vegetables and chocolate or drink coffee. Good reason for Deep to contribute to their existence!

Last  week our Deep beekeeper team moved the colony to their new home, wearing a protective suit and keeping a smoker on hand (in this case it was Jan Graven’s sigar).

Although it was a little bit exiting to move the combs into the new hive, the beekeepers kept their cool and all bees were transferred safely.

Next year we may be harvesting our own honey, so stay tuned for more updates!

foto 4