Oeverinspectie Nedereindse Plas Gemeente Utrecht

Oeverinspectie Nedereindse Plas door Deep from Deep BV on Vimeo.

Shore inspection Nedereindse Plas


The Nedereindse Plas in the Dutch province Utrecht is a nature reserve comprising two quarry ponds: the Westplas and the Oostplas. From 1963 until 1988 both ponds were partially filled with construction and demolition waste materials, which is since then in direct contact with the surface water. The Westplas has already been remediated by the municipality and currently a rehabilitation plan is being drafted for the Oostplas. Regarding this matter, the municipality Utrecht has asked Deep BV for a shore inspection of both ponds.


Inspection with ROV

This shore inspection was performed with the help of divers and a Sub-Atlantic Mojave Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) last month. The ROV was equipped with a colour PT camera making it possible to record high quality video images underwater. To support this, the ROV was also equipped with LED lighting.


Diving team for video inspection

For certain parts of the shoreline Deep deployed a diving team for the inspection. The divers wore diving helmets equipped with a video camera. During their diving operations the dive team stood in close contact with the dive leader, reporting on the situation under water. The survey vessel ‘Nadir’ was deployed and equipped with both surface and subsurface positioning systems to be able to match the diver’s position with the video images at all times. Due its dimensional stability and shallow draft the vessel is very suitable to carry out this kind of work.