Rowing Clinic with Octopus Muiden - Deep Hydrografie en Geofysica

Rowing Clinic with Octopus Muiden


One of the perks of being an Octopus Muiden sponsor is the possibility of  organizing maritime events together.

Last week a delegation of Deepers was introduced to the rowing sports with an actual rowing clinic  around Pampus, in the IJmeer near Amsterdam. With a short RIB-ride from the historic center of Muiden the Deepers arrived at the island – The “Deep Octopus”, together with another identical rowing sloop was towed to the island earlier that afternoon. After a warm welcome by the members of the rowing society,  we had a short tour of Pampus, a late 19th-century sea fort! Two teams were formed for a race around the island, followed by an introduction on rowing techniques. As fanatic as Deepers are to give their best, it was a very close call, but victory was claimed by the “Deep Octopus”! We closed the afternoon with cold drinks and beer especially brewed for the Island of Pampus.

A big thank you for all the support and enthusiasm from the crew of Octopus Muiden –

We are looking forward to organizing more events throughout the year!toeienpampus