The Future is Deep - Deep Hydrografie en Geofysica

The Future is Deep

The future starts today, but with a little help with some data from the past. Deep believes in data, but more in its personnel, vessels, and equipment. We’ve done some amazing projects like the Antarctic survey, detecting explosives alongside the Markermeer dikes and UXO surveys in Taiwan. In all our projects we strive for sustainability and creating green energy because deep matters.


Our Deepers are unique. The Deep personnel wants to see quality and endeavor to carry out every project to the desired result. They are committed and full of professional competence, therefore they can quickly solve difficult problems. This kind of enthusiasm ensures a fun and exciting workplace, with high dedication to the projects and clients. Zsuzsanna, Deep’s data processor, loves the transition from a collecting data company to a data-driven organization: “I like data processing. I like solving problems, figuring out ways to get to the end of a problem or task. I like learning.” 


Deepers love water and that’s reflected in the diversity of our fleet. The Deep survey vessels are flexible due to their fixed survey setups and the flexibility of our skippers and surveyors. But one of the most important part of our vessels is sustainability. We believe in electric boats, working remote to reduce travel movement, and have been developing offshore wind farms for over 15 years. 

Deep’s fleet

Deepers are technical professionals who are enthusiastic about high-end survey equipment, solving difficult problems and love a good result. To make sure every project gets great results, Deep has a suitable vessel for every project. For the shallowest waters, broad canals, or deep oceans. Recently we’ve invested in a new vessel: Uncrewed Surface Vessel. A new technique we strongly believe in. This vessel has no crew onboard, therefore the specialist can stay onshore to collect and analyze the data. When we collect the data from our remote surveys, we make sure that the data becomes information for our clients. And that’s what makes the job exciting. “Being creative and shaping the data in such a manner that it serves our clients best.” 

The future starts now. By using the right vessels to gain the desired data, we can learn and explore where we can make a change. That’s the quality of being deep.

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