UXO survey for Northland Power’s Deutsche Bucht.
UXO survey Deutsche Bucht

Deep has been awarded a subcontract by REASeuro for the UXO survey and data interpretation for Northland Power’s Deutsche Bucht. The UXO survey consisted of multiple geophysical techniques:


  1. Full coverage High Res Multibeam (MBES) survey to acquire bathymetrical data
  2. Full coverage Sidescan Sonar (SSS) survey to acquire seabed images;
  3. Magnetic (Multi-MAG) survey to acquire horizontal (x, y) magnetic gradient data and magnetic total field data.
  4. Subbottom Profiler Survey;


To conduct the UXO investigation, Deep mobilized the in-house developed Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV). The ROTV carries multiple magnetometer sensors to increase productivity, data density and data quality. For this project the ROTV was adapted to carry 6 cesium magnetometers (in a horizontal or transverse gradiometer set-up) with a 1,5m spacing between the magnetometer and a “swath” of 9 meters.


The project has been carried out with marine survey vessel BREAKER of the Deep fleet and research vessel Markab. The Breaker is a multi-purpose vessel suited for a 24 hrs/day regime and 10 days endurance on sea. With her standard equipped cranes and booms, the vessel fits all needs for multi- disciplinary surveys like UXO detection for offshore wind farms. MV Markab is a survey and construction support vessel.


The Markab carried out the UXO survey with the remotely operated towed vehicle, designed to automatically follow the seabed slope at an operator specified fixed flying height and compensate unwanted roll movement during the survey.