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Our business is hydrography, marine geophysics, UXO surveys and precise marine positioning. We operate within various markets, namely: renewable energy, coastal defence, infrastructure, government, salvage and decommissioning. Our goal is to provide high-quality subsea data to our clients and in this way contribute to a blue economy and marine climate adaptation. We enable our clients to start, support and deliver their projects in a more sustainable manner.


We approach our work with honesty, transparency and a hands-on attitude. We recognize the significance of trust in building successful partnerships, and we strive to to earn it through our actions and integrity. We strongly believe in practical, real-life and future-proof solutions. By prioritizing sustainability in all aspects of our work, we aim to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the marine environment, while pioneering towards net-zero survey data. Our dedicated team continuously adapts and develops methods to ensure efficient and sustainable operations.


When conducting operations, Deep prioritizes the safety and health of all employees, third-party workers, and contractors involved. Our policy focuses on preventing personal injury, property damage, and environmental harm, adhering to legal requirements, regulations, and industry standards. We employ state-of-the-art techniques to safeguard health and the environment.

Our Services

For a detailed overview explore our Services by Area:

  • Marine Geophysical Site Investigations and Route Surveys

  • UXO Detection and Avoidance Surveys

  • Deep Green Emission Free Inland Surveys

  • Hydrographic Surveys

  • Dredging Support with USV's

  • Geophysical & Hydrographic Data Processing

  • Salvage Support and Emergency Response

  • Surface and Sub-surface Offshore Positioning

  • Subsea Cable & Pipeline Pre- and Post-installation Surveys

  • Subsea Cable & Pipeline Depth of Burial Surveys

  • Marine Archaeological Surveys

  • Quay Wall & Breakwater Inspections

  • Oceanographic and Meteorological Measurements

  • Tidal & Beach Zone Surveys

Selected service

UXO Detection and Avoidance Surveys

Initiating an offshore construction or route development project presents challenges, but few are potentially as hazardous and disruptive as unexploded ordnance (UXO). UXO’s pose severe safety risks, leading to costly project delays and non-compliance with safety regulations.

Our UXO Detection and Avoidance Surveys bolster project safety. Using advanced techniques, we identify and help mitigate unexploded ordnance risks, ensuring secure and seamless project operations.

This commitment is reflected in the continuous development of our proprietary technology. The in-house development of our Iron Lady, a Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV), is one of the best examples. The Iron Lady is designed to be flexible, with horizontal and vertical configurations and anywhere from four to twelve magnetometers. The ROTV allows for highly controlled positioning. The sensors are tightly spaced at 1.5m apart, ensuring the high resolution magnetic data required for confidence in UXO detection.

To ensure high quality data we use our customized side scan sonar, the super SSS, integrated with an inertial measurement unit (IMU), to deliver exceptional positioning and heading accuracy.

This integration results in crisp seafloor images, enhanced confidence in our data, and seamless integration with other datasets, such as bathymetry and magnetometry. These features are crucial for UXO detection and avoidance surveys where small objects observed in the SSS data have the potential to be hazardous UXO items, which need accurate visualization and position before further detection and avoidance work can continue.

Our in-house data team prides itself on the knowledge and experience required for the high precision and complex processing needed for UXO surveys. With ever larger projects and quantities of data, we leverage the use of smart automation allowing our people to focus their knowledge where it counts. Artificial intelligence, trained and overseen by subject matter experts, allows us to extract more insightful information from the data while providing tailored, effective solutions that keep your projects safe and on schedule.

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Deep does things the way Deep does. Independence and authenticity is what makes us distinctive. We don't shy away from creating new, tailored solutions if standard methods fail to provide the answer. Want to join? Check the job page for new vacancies.

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