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Deep is a pioneer in net-zero solutions with the Deep Green initiative. Our mission to operate net-zero is not easy. However, our Deep Green fleet of electric vehicles and vessels enables us to conduct emission-free operations for inland surveys.

By offering emission-free survey services, we help our clients effectively reduce the impact of emissions on their (construction) projects and score higher on sustainability tender criteria. This way, we collectively contribute to nature, climate, and health objectives.


We believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a responsibility we take seriously. We are working every day on minimizing our environmental impact and providing sustainable solutions to our clients. Therefore, we strive for net-zero, high-quality clean data.

It is our mission to contribute to deliver the cleanest data within our field: high quality and net-zero data for future-proof projects that minimize our impact on the environment.

Maritime contractors, energy operators, waterboards and Governmental bodies aim to make future projects more sustainable and with less impact on the direct environment. Our Deep Green fleet, featuring the Green Purple, our USV’s, and our aerial drones, allows us to conduct reliable, precise & accurate, emission-free inland surveys.

For Deep Green we invested not only in a dedicated fleet of vessels, but also replaced our fleet with electric cars, such as the ID Buzz and Kia SUV to tow a survey trailer. These vehicles transport our vessels to locations in a net-zero manner. We continue to deliver on our mission, our fleet-service and office cars are electric and our entire fleet will be replaced by electric vehicles where possible.


Green Purple

This fully electric survey vessel, capable of operating for up to 12 hours, represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to net-zero surveying. Transported using one of our dedicated electric cars, this vessel embodies the core of our Deep Green concept.

With the Deep Green concept, Deep is revolutionizing net-zero survey for construction sites, harbours, quay wall inspections, and hydrographic survey with a start in the inland market.


Electric, and custom designed for survey work

Zero Emissions

Operate with no emissions, protecting air quality, noise and marine environments.

12 hours

Extended Survey Hours: Perform surveys for up to 12 hours on a single charge.


Deep Lotus

The Deep Lotus USV (uncrewed surface vessel) is designed for precise multibeam data acquisition and can be controlled both from the shore and our Control Room in Amsterdam. This unmanned survey vessel, due to its compact size, is very suitable for conducting comprehensive surveys in shallow and hard-to-reach areas or locations, such as construction pits and contaminated water. Because the Deep Lotus is electric, this USV is also allowed to operate in areas where motorized vessels are prohibited.


It can go where other vessels can't go and can be lifted by a crane into a construction pit


Electric, and custom designed for survey work

Zero Emissions

Operate with no emissions, protecting air quality, noise and marine environments.


Deep Narwhal

The Deep Narwhal is officially not part of the the Deep Green concept, but she is too good not to mention in our ambition towards net-zero survey data. With the use of HVO100 and electric propulsion we are able to survey in more challenging areas.

  • For example in rivers where we require more power to go up the currents;

  • To survey in protected wildlife area's which are not accessible by boat trailer and have a transit from the nearest port, but we can still survey without emissions and noise;

  • Or navigate in busy shipping lanes and with the engines have some extra safety while surveying.


The combination of fast transfers and 100% electric surveys on site, brings in more flexibility for projects.

4 hours

up to 4 hours of emission free surveys, and custom designed for survey work.

Minimized Emissions

Not on all projects it is possible or safe to operate fully electric, with the combination of a hybrid and bio-fuels we minimize emissions, and noise in the marine environment.

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