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Our mission
Net-zero survey data

At Deep we believe that every company, regardless of its industry, has the responsibility to protect, restore and promote sustainability of our land, coasts and oceans. Therefore, we are dedicated to fostering a blue economy and marine climate adaptation. It is our mission to contribute to deliver the cleanest data within our field: high quality and net-zero data for future-proof projects that minimize our impact on the environment.

Our journey towards net-zero survey data is inseparable from the broader climate transition. Clean data stands at the intersection of technology and sustainability. We select operations and projects with consideration, seeking impactful partnerships. We are fully aware that operating completely net-zero is a significant challenge. We do not pretend to have all the answers and technical solutions yet, but we are progressing towards our goals by working on emission-free projects in inland areas, waste reduction, achieving a net-zero office, and the transitioning to sustainable energy sources.

What is clean data?

1. High Quality data

Complete, accurate and profound data conversed into accessible deliverables, creating optimal solutions to our client's inquiries.

 2. Net-zero data

Measured per GB or project basis, our deliverables have (net) no emissions, as we actively diminish carbon footprints per GB and counterbalance emissions released by removing them from the atmosphere.

3. Result of future-proof projects

Data delivered for projects that align with our SDG framework and is future-proof.

Clean & HIGH
QUALITY databy 2030

Climate transition

As a forward-thinking initiative, we are committed to driving a climate transition through an inclusive approach that not only addresses the challenges of today but also ensures a sustainable and resilient future for all. We focus on transforming our fleet and operating sustainably. For our fleet it means we include sustainability criteria and set-up a fleet development plan to increase energy-efficient surveying, reduce emissions and increase circularity of vessels and equipment. For our operations it means reducing emissions and sustainable (waste) water and chemical management.

Lightly Crewed Vessels

Instead of using fully crewed vessels, we are transforming some of our vessels to lightly crewed vessels. These vessels head to sea with only the nautical crew onboard, while all survey equipment is operated remotely from our control room in Amsterdam or has been fully automized and robotized..

Uncrewed vessels

Deep is striving for a sustainable fleet. Our Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USV’s) are very suitable for remote operations. For instance the Deep Lorean USV, designed for accurate multibeam and sub-bottom data acquisition is controllable from the shore or our Deep Office. This unmanned survey vessel is highly suitable for conducting comprehensive survey work in the offshore or nearshore areas, or work alongside dredging or installation vessels. Whereas the Deep Lotus USV is ideal for shallow and hard-to-access areas due to its compact dimensions. Furthermore, because the Deep Lotus is electrically powered, this USV can navigate in areas where emission free propulsion is a hard requirement.

Deep Green

Deep is a pioneer in net-zero solutions with the Deep Green initiative. Reducing emissions in the maritime sector is challenging. However, our Deep Green fleet of electric vehicles and vessels enables us to conduct emission-free survey work.

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